I am just your average Patriot! I love America, whiskey, family and friends. I hunt, fish, shoot guns and eat BBQ. The best years in my life have been spent in Deplorable Airborne units. Goddamn Taliban assholes shot me and blew me up, but as I normally do I raised a middle finger, took a shot of whiskey and carried on about my business! Ive had the opportunity to lead and work with the greatest men on earth. For that I will always be grateful!!! I medically retired in 2015, and now reside in CA driving my big ass truck around and wait for protesters to try and block the road!!





Hey nosey…..since you have put your beer down or taking a break from kicking ass, I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself. I’m an active duty Soldier still serving with over 22 years of service. I am a veteran paratrooper who served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I hate long walks on the beach….or anywhere for that matter anymore, don’t give a shit about global warming and think Ronald Reagan should be dug up, resurrected given a cigar and 1911 and show folks how it’s done. When I’m not on the front line of freedom I’m moonlighting as a Team Manager for “Diablillo” a Mexican Midget Wrestling Tag Team. Currently ranked 192nd in the Curios Donkey Wrestling Circuit. So get with the program folks. Get you some of that cool Airborne Gear and pick that beer back up and carry on.

Our faithful supporting cast….

Tyler Tessmann– Former cherry Captain, U.S. Army, Airborne qualified never a Paratrooper since he didn’t have enough jumps to even spell that. BUT, he’s a loyal friend and a great artist who designs our shirts and many other things we wont use.

Jasper Watdad– Active Duty, SSG, U.S. Army, Responsible for all the awesome description’s you see on this sweet website. Author of many children’s books that will never be a New York Times best seller.

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Micro Machine shop (machinist)- Oakdale, CA

Gravitees Apparel (T-Shirt Prints) Golden, CO