ABN/RGR Bottle Opener


You’re probably thinking the same thing I was “beer is perfect the way it is” well if you want to elevate the taste of that sweet nectar you’re gonna wanna rip the
top off with one of our state of the art aerodynamic RGR bottle openers!! Probably the only opener on the market approved by NASA! The opener Viagra doesn’t want
the world to know about! This joker has so much goddamn testosterone you’re gonna go true north the second this son of a bitch hits your hand!



Not your average bottle opener its made to be a in your face badass bottle opener. We wear Maroon, Tan or Green berets for a reason to let everyone know who we are. Now we have a bottle opener that does the same!!!

Measures at 3.5″x6.5″.

12 GA mild steel, plasma cut, hand cleaned & hammered. Black coated to stay rust free!

Veteran Made by: Bobby Gerhardt from www.reapercustoms.com



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