America 1st Sticker





In a perfect world we’d have three arms & three hands, one on the steering wheel, one out the window with the middle finger raised & one free at all times for punching!!! However we were cursed with only two. Well let Sky Shark serve as that third hand & permanent middle finger for the World to see. Attach our high velocity sticker to your gas guzzling truck and let the cowards of the world know we are tired of the pussification of this great Country!! Let every soccer mom and beta male behind you in traffic know you’re a pure bred and the dominate monkey on the road! Anyone who plasters one of our stickers over some limp wrists “coexist” sticker shall receive a prize! Make America Great Again (MAGA)! And as always AMERICA First!!!!!


Custom 3.66″ x 5″ Rectangle Stickers


Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 in


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